CSR Management

Mid-term CSR Plan

To increase corporate value, and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society, Nihon Kohden believes that it is important to resolve social issues through our business activities. As a means to achieve this, the Company established its Mid-term CSR Plan, Sustainable Growth 2020 that runs through FY2019.
In three areas of Healthcare, Environment, and Corporate Activities, Nihon Kohden establishes targets and solutions to address priority issues. The Company aims to solve these issues through its daily business activities by establishing prescribed activities based on clear goals.

CSR Promotion Structure

Nihon Kohden established a CSR Promotion Committee as one of its board committees. The CSR Promotion Committee is involved in Nihon Kohden's overall CSR activities such as plannning, promoting, organizing, educating, and other activities. The CSR Promotion Committee is composed of representatives of the Compliance Committee, Quality Control Committee, and representatives of other operation divisions. The CSR Promotion Committee sets the CSR annual activity plan so that CSR will be practiced through daily operation.

CSR Promotion Committee

CSR Promotion Committee

CSR Promotion Committee Organizational Structure

CSR Promotion Committee Organizational Structure

Engagement with Stakeholders

Nihon Kohden’s planning and implementation of CSR initiatives are predicated on harmony achieved with all of its stakeholders. Nihon Kohden is committed to establishing trust with its stakeholders and achieving growth accepted by its stakeholders in all aspects of its business, from product development, production and sales to after-sales services, the Company’s financial standing, and human resource development efforts.
In addition to its citizenship activities and information disclosure through its business activities, Nihon Kohden also leverages the opinions and requests of stakeholders in its future business activities as part of its efforts to be a trusted member of society.
Stakeholder Main Communication Method Main Responsibility and Issues
Customers Daily sales activities
Call center
Customer satisfaction survey
Academic seminars
ME (medical electronics) workshops
Offer of products and services with safety and security
Enhancement of customer satisfaction
Response to customer complaints
Disclosure and offer of adequate information of products and services
Business partners Daily procurement activities
Questionnaire of CSR procurement
Open and fair trade
Promotion of CSR procurement
Shareholders and investors General shareholders meetings
Earnings presentations
Company briefings
Events for individual investors
Website for investors
Enhancement of corporate value
Appropriate shareholder returns
Timely and appropriate disclosure
Response to Social Responsible Investment 
Employees Self-enumeration system
Level-specific training sessions
Labor-management council meetings
Consultation counter
Company newsletters and intranet
Development and utilization of human resources
Securement of occupational health and safety
Respect for diversity of human resources and work style
Local communities Volunteer activities in local communities
Participation in local events
Participation and contribution to local communities

Initiatives towards Sutainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Nihon Kohden is currently working to define targets for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we have prioritized. We have also implemented measures such as carrying a series of articles about SDGs in the Company Newsletter and holding an SDGs seminar for executives in order to raise awareness of the SDGs in the Company.
Seminar for executives

Seminar for executives